Cole's Computer Solutions offers the following business IT services and more:

Managed IT

Get the benefits of an IT department for your company at a fraction of the cost. We can help you strategist and build your IT infrastructure, support your IT assets remotely and in person, and keep your business productive.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data is the most important asset your business has. We help ease your mind about your company data by conducting routine backups of your data. We can also help you recover your data when incidents happen so you don't lose your important information.

Data Management

As your company grows, the way you manage your data becomes more complex. Data needs to be protected while also being available to the right people. We help you set up systems that work for your unique business situation.

Virus Monitoring and Removal

Cyber attacks are constantly on the rise. We help make sure that your business data is protected by consistently monitoring your systems for malicious software and swiftly taking action when unwanted programs are detected.

Network Management

Your business has different IT resources that need to communicate with each other. You need to access the internet, share information, connect to printers, and more. We can help manage your network and implement different strategies for your business IT needs.

IT Security

We're passionate about keeping your information safe and secure. Data breaches can cause massive losses to businesses and severely harm productivity. We help keep you secure your network, your endpoints, implement security policies, and training your users.

Computer Repair

Computers break and users have issues with using them from time to time. We help fix these issues so your business and your employees experience minimal downtime. We can come to your location and help resolve any IT issues.

Remote Support

We use remote support tools to assist you in a faster, more affordable way. We can reach your machines wherever they are as long as you have an internet connection. This allows us to address your IT issues in a fraction of the time.

Installation and Implementation

As your business grows your IT needs will also grow. You may encounter new infrastructure needs. You may need to roll out new hardware in your organization or implement a new piece of software. We help you assess the IT needs to accomplish your goals.

IT Consulting

If you have general questions or are looking for more short term projects, we can help. We offer consulting services to assess your current IT plans and infrastructure, gather your goals for the future, and help point you in the right direction so you can grow your IT as your business grows.

Phone: (706) 675-5800